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Greece is considered to be an Antique from the Old World, and Athens in particular is a city which will not cease to astound you: it is ancient dating back to Neolithic Age and still so modern and up to date! It is at times manic busy but so laid-back; a capital city, yet in places as traditional and slow paced as a village!

MyPeople, welcome to Athens, the capital of Greece! It also was known to be one of the most powerful cities in Greece in the Classical period. Did you know Athens was the first city to achieve democracy in Greece? It has also been conquered many times and the conquerors erected grand monuments to celebrate their victory that stand tall even today! Athens is a fascinating melting pot of culture and modernity and it is these contrasting features that give it a vibrant feel that attracts tourists from all over the world.




See the grand building of Parthenon

Visit the Acropolis

Athens city tour

Tour the old district of Plaka

See the Agora where Socrates gave his talks

See the National Archaeological Museum


Stop at Levadia and shop for its flokati woollen rugs

Guided tour of Delphi ruins, including the 4th-century BC Temple


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MyPeople arrive to Athens and we will transfer you to your city Hotel. Freshen up and be ready for your first glimpse of the fantastic city. We will take in the amazing vibes of the heritage in the city as we walk through the best of Classical Greece.

Sit back and enjoy the views over Athens’ historical and modern highlights. Circle around Omonia Square and see the Greek Parliament House at Syntagma Square, where the Changing of the Guard takes place.

Pass the Panathenaic Stadium, the all-marble arena that was the stage for the first modern Olympic Games in 1896, and then take a guided walking tour of Athens’ Acropolis. This UNESCO-listed complex consists of many magnificent monuments that reflect the glory of the city in classical times. View the Temple of Athena Nike; the Erechtheion, and the stunning Parthenon, and learn about their remnants and treasures at the New Acropolis Museum. If one building can ever symbolise an entire nation, it is the Parthenon – but Greece is much more than this.

You will be in awe at the Acropolis when you see the grand building of Parthenon dedicated to Goddess Athena standing tall and reaching the sky. As you climb up, you will find the symmetrical columns stand like warriors guarding Athens in the night.

Later in the evening spend your free time around the old district of Plaka, a quaint charming little village below the Acropolis and is dotted with balconies filled with flowers and adorable mansions. It has lovely restaurants, souvenir shops and delightful cafes, so go ahead and enjoy your Athens, MyPeople!

If you have not had enough yesterday then we have more for you today MyPeople! You will travel northwest towards Delphi, situated on the slopes of Mount Parnassus. Its main temple is dedicated to the God Apollo, was home to the Delphic oracle.

After a stop in the town of Levadia, continue to the winter ski resort of Arachova below Mount Parnassus. Stroll around this pretty town, famous for its flokati woollen rugs, and then drive on to Delphi proper.

Enjoy a guided tour of the ruins, including the 4th-century BC Temple of Delphi where the oracle — a priestess — delivered her prophecies. See the reconstructed Athenian Treasury and the 5th-century BC stadium, the setting of long-ago musical contests and later, the Pythian Games — athletics competitions held every four years from 582 BC.

While you’re here, MyPeople visit the Delphi Archaeological Museum. Explore the rooms of artifacts excavated at the site, viewing everything from sculptures of the athletes, to oracle offerings and a beautiful bronze statue of a charioteer.

Take a break from your explorations and try a meal in Delphi town. Visit a local restaurant and sit down to a delicious meal of Greek dishes.

We head back towards Athens late afternoon, and continue to see the city and visit places that we might have missed.

We will see the Agora where Socrates gave his talks or even see the National Archaeological Museum that has precious treasures from ancient Greece. If you care to shop for souvenirs, we can always hop on over to the old bazaar, the Monastiraki, and satisfy our shopping cravings!

Cruise from Athens to Greek Islands (Mykonos, Patmos, Crete, Santorini) including Turkey (Kusadasi)

MyPeople, are you ready for a cruise that’s going to take you to some of the exotic places in the world? On the cruise, you all can enjoy the best of Greek culture, gastronomy, history and wine. Enjoy the luxurious facilities of the cruise that encompass fantastic restaurants, pool deck and the best cabin hospitality. Every day on the cruise there will be adventures and games for you to enjoy! There will also be well-appointed bars and lounges where you can have a cold beer or local Uzo or listen to live music. As we cruise through the Mediterranean, we promise you the nightlife on the cruise will help you mingle with the natives, who might even help you and your friends perform “Sirtaki”!

We will first cruise towards Mykonos, a magnificent island in Greece. Our first vacation destination on the cruise is as glitzy and glamorous as it can get. With serene hillsides and plush beaches, Mykonos will bring alive your dreams.

We then head to Kusadasi in Turkey, a beach resort town on Turkey’s Aegean coast. Enjoy the restaurants at the seafront promenade or walk in the romantic flower garden that surrounds a 14th century fortress!

The cruise will then head to the city of Patmos, an ideal city for nature lovers. With restaurants scattered around the island, and secluded beaches, Patmos is a treat to the senses!

MyPeople, we are on our way now to Crete, the largest island in Greece. You will notice remnants of old civilizations here, impressive landscapes and rich gastronomic culture.

Our final but wonderful stop would be Santorini, the precious gem of Greece. A group of islands with exquisitely clear waters and stunning sunsets and live Volcanos. We head back to the port of Athens after spending a grand and exemplary time in the beautiful islands of Greece and Turkey!

Homeward bound! MyPeople, it’s the final day! We depart from Greece and bid goodbye to all the beautiful times we’ve shared and the wonderful friends we made. Αντίο MyPeople!

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