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If you had a choice to visit two most gorgeous and royal Countries in the world, Switzerland and France should be your choice! With unimaginable scenery of Switzerland’s beautiful Geneva and Lucerne to exquisitely built monuments of Paris, you are bound to be awestruck! We will visit stunning cities filled with romance and beauty and celebrate life the way locals do. Come with us and make this a trip that you will tell your grandchildren about. You can count on us to show you the Capital of France – Paris and many cities in Switzerland, with our eyes, in the most unique way possible!




MyPeople, welcome to the heart of Switzerland! Take in the spectacular view of the snow-capped Alps and walk through the cute cobblestone streets. We will introduce you to Zurich with a short orientation before we commence our tour. We will first visit the Fraumunster Church with its slender spire beckoning the sky! Founded by King Louis, this church was inhabited by the female aristocrats of Europe. We then head to Bahnhofstrasse, the world famous shopping boulevard; if shopping isn’t your thing then you can stroll along the lake and enjoy hot chocolate in a café nearby.

Later in the day, we will visit the outskirts of the city and see an original chocolate factory. We will witness the demonstration how world-famous Swiss chocolates are made. You can even shop original Swiss chocolates from the factory itself!

We will not only stroll through the charming Old Town, meander in the old promenade Limmatquai, walk through the University district, see the smallest Opera house in the world and also admire the beautiful residential areas and the stunning hillside villas on the Zurichberg!

Today we are going on a day trip to Germany and will see the largest natural lake in the Black Forest, Lake Titisee. We will visit also the Cuckoo Clock Factory in Hofgut Sternen and learn from local experts about the history of the beautiful handcrafted cuckoo clocks – Made in Germany only!

You can use your free time to indulge in authentic Cuckoo Clock shopping, and go for short walks into the Black Forest if you so desire. How about having some coffee and tasting an original Black Forest Cake which is named after this magical forest of Germany!

MyPeople, a dainty medieval town back in Switzerland awaits you! Schaffhausen is a gateway to the famous tourist attraction – The Rhine Falls, the largest waterfall in Europe which is about 450 feet wide and over 75 feet in height. The glorious view of the falls is surely a soothing treat to the eyes. We will make the most of Schaffhausen and the Rhine falls and move onwards to Engelberg, a beautiful village with panoramic views of breath-taking mountain scenery! It used to be a quiet monastery village, and it is now a place where you can enjoy pure relaxation amidst powder heaven!

MyPeople, we are on our way to Engelberg’s highest glacier park and to Mount Titlis at 10,000 feet. We will board the Ice Flyer chairlift and watch the grand, imposing snow-capped mountains! We will then visit the Ice Grotto cave, which is 20 meters below ice! Experience the cliff walk and Europe’s highest suspension bridge!

We will then head to Lucerne in the afternoon, this is one of the most gorgeous Swiss cities, MyPeople! It has beautiful wooden bridges, candy coloured homes and stunning waterfronts. I’m very sure that MyPeople would love to shop for original Swiss watches, chocolates and souvenirs here! We will then depart for Engelberg, where we will be taken to another world and carry home memories of adrenalin pumping excitement! We stay one more night in Engelberg so enjoy your evening!!

MyPeople we will bid goodbye to beautiful Engelberg and pass by picturesque mountain villages. Yes MyPeople, we are on our way to Mount Jungfrau – The Top of Europe is at altitude 13,642 feet above sea level. En route we will behold stunning views of the Lauterbrunnen valley, a U-shaped trough valley in the Alps. Wouldn’t you like to board a cogwheel train to the top of Jungfrau? The excitement is overwhelming when we reach the top and find time to explore the Ice Palace with larger than life ice sculptures! That’s not all; we will also visit the Sphinx Observation Tower and take in views of the Aletsch glacier and the mighty peaks around it.

On our way we have a fantastic TimeOut on our charts for you! Lake Brienz, a picturesque lakeside village flanked by beautiful and serene snow mountains. Be hypnotized by its soothing turquoise waters! Get your friends together and make many photographic memories!! Brienz village is famous for its tradition of woodcarving and its woodcarving school.

After we are back to base from Jungfrau you have an opportunity to witness nothing short of a miracle, MyPeople!

You have another TimeOut opportunity today to visit Trummelbach Waterfalls which are world’s only waterfalls that can be reached by inside the mountain pulley lift! These waterfalls drop around 22,000 litres of water per second, are inside a mountain and drain the waters from the mighty Jungfrau, Monch and Eiger Glaciers!

MyPeople, be ready to be taken to one of the oldest resorts in Bernese Oberland region. Interlaken means between Lakes – this pretty little town lies amidst stunning scenery between two lakes Brienz and Thun.

Switch off your phones and quieten your mind and unwind on the Lake Thun in
Interlaken for the evening.




Trummelbach Waterfalls– EUROS 25

MyPeople, we will depart from Thun to visit Col du Pillon from where we will take a cable car and visit Glacier 3000 in the Glacier Diablerets which is situated between Lake Geneva and Gstaad. They used to say that the Devils roamed the glacial plateau of Les Diablerets but today it is full of magical views and adventures! The architect Mario Botta’s creation of the mountain station will astonish you. With a panoramic summit of 24 snow-capped peaks, you are bound to be spellbound!

You will be in awe with nature at its best with our TimeOut planned for you today – a photo stop at Chateau Chillon and entrance to an Underground Swiss Lake!

We will see and take pictures at the beautiful castle, Chateau Chillon near Lake Geneva, one of the most delightful historical buildings of Switzerland. That’s not all; we have the opportunity to visit an underground lake, MyPeople, and it is one of the most amazing places with crystal clear underground water grottos which can only be visited by boat.

MyPeople, later during the evening we reach the city known as the “capital of peace”, it is the city which houses the headquarters of the Red Cross and the European seat of the UNO : Geneva! We will visit this city which has more than 200 international organisations; it comes as no surprise that international cuisine is popular here! We’ll see its breath-taking sights; the Jet d’Eau (the highest reaching fountain) on Lake Geneva and of course meander through the Old town and learn about the city’s history. You might also shop for some unique diamonds if you stroll in the Paquis quarter!



Paris here we come!!! MyPeople Paris is a beautiful city and the capital for fashion, art and culture. MyPeople, as soon as we arrive we will make our way towards Gustave Eiffel’s creation – The Eiffel Tower that stands tall in Paris. We will take the elevator to the third level and learn about the brilliance of its architecture and engineering as we observe it up close.

Do try out the famous macaroon biscuits and relax with a cuppa coffee in one of the cafes on the river Siene. The night will come alive in Paris as MyPeople you can enjoy a TimeOut opportunity to have a Magical evening in Paris tour with a relaxed cruise on River Siene. Paris is known as ‘The City of Lights’ and we will make you experience the splendour of the world-famous monuments illuminated in Paris.



MyPeople, welcome to Disneyland! If you’ve always dreamed of meeting Snow White or Mickey Mouse, this is where your childhood dreams will come alive. We will spend an entire day visiting its attractions like the Space Mountain, the Pirates of the Caribbean and the Disneyland Paris Castle. The Theme Park was opened in 1992 and became the most visited destination in Europe. There are over 52 attractions that will take your breath away and make you never want to leave! There are plenty of eating options as Disneyland has more than 70 restaurants and bars. Don’t forget to join in the Disney Parade where all the cartoon heroes like Mickey, Minnie and other friends walk and greet the visitors! We will leave after the fireworks show and unwind at the hotel!

MyPeople, we are going to saunter in the Versailles Palace gardens. Known to have been designed for the absolute monarch, King Louis XIV, it is an excellent reflection of the baroque style and has the grandest fountains ever made. Make sure you make time for these beautiful and exquisite gardens, they are well worth the experience.

We will tour the city of Paris and admire the marvels of architecture built by the royal Kings and stroll through the city. We will drive on the Champs-Élysées boulevard and see the classic Arc de Triomphe, and take in the stunning views of the city as we spot the famous monuments like Grand Palais, Louvre Museum, Palais Bourbon and many more! We will certainly make time to shop for souvenirs on the Left Bank.

We will also visit the Sacré-Coeur, one of the most iconic Basilica in Paris, which features panoramic views of the city.

Later in the night make use of your TimeOut to see the world-famous French Cabaret show with mesmerising CanCan Dances performed by hundreds of dancers inside the Lido Theatre.



MyPeople, today we will explore the world-famous Louvre Museum, one of the largest and famous museums. The Louvre, originally used to be an Old Palace which housed the private collection of King Francis I. It was after the French Revolution, the royal collection became public. Today, the Museum has many famous works of art including Mona Lisa, Venus de Milo and many more. There is a recent addition to the architectural landscape of the Louvre and that is the Louvre Pyramid. It is today the main entrance to the Museum and with its intelligent contrast of modern glass-based erection to the classical building, it reflects the grandeur of the French.

Sometime during the day we will head towards Fragonaud Perfumery to experience the art of French perfume making.

In our free time, we will visit the 852 years old Gothic Cathedral of Notre Dame. It is the best example of the French gothic architecture, its impressive gargoyles and stained glass windows will surely transport you to another era!

MyPeople, we will bid goodbye to Paris and promise her we will visit again! We then proceed to the airport for our departure. Here’s to great memories and to new friends we made on the tour! We hope to see you again.

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