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MyPeople, behold the Mediterranean’s best that embraces history, architecture, and natural wonders with such beauty and grace, you will be spellbound by the end of this trip! Let the beauty of Athens enthral you, let the Greek islands show you nature in its glorious avatar and take a boat out to the absolutely gorgeous island of Capri, that’s not all, finally visit the exciting and bustling cities of Rome and Barcelona and witness what the world was raving about all this while. We will travel to some of the most carefully preserved places, walk and learn about their history and make memories to cherish and to hold! Fall in love with the world all over again.




MyPeople, welcome to Athens, the capital of Greece! It also was known to be one of the most powerful cities in Greece in the Classical period. Did you know Athens was the first city to achieve democracy in Greece? It has also been conquered many times and the conquerors erected grand monuments to celebrate their victory that stand tall even today! Athens is a fascinating melting pot of culture and modernity and it is these contrasting features that give it a vibrant feel that attracts tourists from all over the world.

Sit back and enjoy the views over Athens’ historical and modern highlights. Circle around Omonia Square and see the Greek Parliament House at Syntagma Square, where the Changing of the Guard takes place.

Pass the Panathenaic Stadium, the all-marble arena that was the stage for the first modern Olympic Games in 1896, and then take a guided walking tour of Athens’ Acropolis. This UNESCO-listed complex consists of many magnificent monuments that reflect the glory of the city in classical times. View the Temple of Athena Nike; the Erechtheion, and the stunning Parthenon, and learn about their remnants and treasures at the New Acropolis Museum.

You will be in awe at the Acropolis when you see the grand building of Parthenon dedicated to Goddess Athena standing tall and reaching the sky. As you climb up, you will find the symmetrical columns stand like warriors guarding Athens in the night.

Later in the evening spend your free time around the old district of Plaka, a quaint charming little village below the Acropolis and is dotted with balconies filled with flowers and adorable mansions. It has lovely restaurants, souvenir shops and delightful cafes, so go ahead and enjoy your Athens, MyPeople!

MyPeople use the TimeOut opportunity tonight which is designed to give you a perspective of this great city with all its monuments lit up in all their glory!



MyPeople, are you ready for a cruise that’s going to take you to some of the exotic places in the world? On the cruise,you all can enjoy the best of Greek culture, gastronomy, history and wine. Enjoy the luxurious facilities of the cruise that encompass fantastic restaurants, pool deck and the best cabin hospitality. Every day on the cruise there will be adventures and games for you to enjoy! There will also be well-appointed bars and lounges where you can have a cold beer or local Uzo or listen to live music. As we cruise through the Mediterranean, we promise you the nightlife on the cruise will help you mingle with the natives, who might even help you and your friends perform “Sirtaki”!

We will first cruise towards Mykonos, a magnificent island in Greece. Our first vacation destination on the cruise is as glitzy and glamorous as it can get. With serene hillsides and plush beaches, Mykonos will bring alive your dreams. We then head to Kusadasi in Turkey, a beach resort town on Turkey’s Aegean coast. Enjoy the restaurants at the seafront promenade or walk in the romantic flower garden that surrounds a 14th century fortress! The cruise will then head to the city of Patmos, an ideal city for nature lovers. With restaurants scattered around the island, and secluded beaches, Patmos is a treat to the senses! MyPeople, we are on our way now to Crete, the largest island in Greece. You will notice remnants of old civilizations here, impressive landscapes and rich gastronomic culture. Our final but wonderful stop would be Santorini, the precious gem of Greece. A group of islands with exquisitely clear waters and stunning sunsets and live Volcanos. We head back to the port of Athens after spending a grand and exemplary time in the beautiful islands of Greece and Turkey!

MyPeople, today we return to the city of Athens from our amazing cruise to the Greek isles! We will continue to see the city and visit places that we might have missed. We will see the Agora where Socrates gave his talks or even see the National Archaeological Museum that has precious treasures from ancient Greece. If you care to shop for souvenirs, we can always hop on over to the old bazaar, the Monastiraki, and satisfy our shopping cravings!

Thereafter we leave towards Patras, a city in Greece and be ready to leave for Bari (Italy) via an overnight direct ferry.

When we arrive in Bari in the morning, a sea port near Naples, we will ride on the coach and head to visit the ruins of Pompeii and the grand Mount Vesuvius. Pompeii, MyPeople, is the significant evidence of a Roman civilization. It has risen again after it was hit by thick lava from the Mount Vesuvius that erupted in 79 AD. You will witness actual Roman peasant dwellings, walls of houses covered with Roman propaganda messages or even risqué jokes! The volcanic material infact kept the remnants of the civilization intact. This will definitely be a treat for you to see. We will also visit the live volcano, Mount Vesuvius, which last erupted in 1944. It is a treat to listen to the wind and see the smoking crater atop Vesuvius and take in astonishing vistas of Naples.

We then leave for Sorrento and stay the night in Sorrento. Sorrento, they say was named after “Siren’s land” that comes from Homer’s Odyssey, where a Siren was a half woman and half fish, a mermaid to be exact. So hope you try and catch a glimpse of the mythical creatures in the night sky!

MyPeople, we will leave from Sorrento to Capri and Ana Capri and thereafter to Monte Solaro and the Blue Grotto if it is open. Capri and Ana Capri are small towns in the island of Capri in Italy. Once we land in Capri, we will head to the Blue Grotto, a sea cave known since Roman times! It is the most famous sight in Capri, a natural cavern, which one can visit during good weather and low tides. We go in a rowboat and enter the small opening in the cave. The water inside is so blue, it’s almost ethereal. We will also visit the Monte Solaro, the highest and most beautiful point where you can take in exhilarating views of the island. Grab a cool drink and sit on the comfy chairs in a café or take pictures of the scenery as you gaze into the sky and enjoy your time in little paradise. After making the most of the Capri life, we will make our way to Naples by a boat. As we approach Naples, a coach will be waiting for us to depart the wonderful Gulf of Naples and get geared to see the fabulous city of Rome!

Our TimeOut includes a cruise around the Isle of Capri where we will see the famous Faraglioni rocks, which were formed by erosion from the oceanic waves, and go past homes of Giorgio Armani, Maria Calas and other famous personalities.

MyPeople, as soon as we reach Rome we surely have to join in the Roman tradition of throwing a coin in the Trevi Fountain and making a wish and then relax on the Spanish steps and mingle with the locals and tourists. Take your TimeOut opportunity to see more of Rome as the Romans built it! Check out the Roman Forum, Piazza Navona with its Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi, the Grand Pantheon, and lots more on your TimeOut Tour.





Rise and shine and echo the words of Julius Caesar, MyPeople! Veni Vidi Vici! Which literally translates to, “I came, I saw and I conquered”. We will join our local expert who will take us to Vatican’s grand museums which includes the Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Basilica and conquer the beautiful city of Rome.

Rome is perfect for all kinds of tourists. It always has a busy atmosphere and with its numerous pizzerias, ristorantes and lovely al fresco (outdoor) cafes and bars, what’s not to love? MyPeople, during your relaxed hours, visit the shops if you like: we know where you could get the best bargains.

We will then head to the Civitavechia port and take an overnight cruise to the spectacular city of Valencia in Spain.

Welcome to one of the liveliest cities in the world, MyPeople! Valencia is Spain’s third largest city known for its cultural, eating and nightlife scenes. We will take a city tour with a local guide and visit the beautiful city and its outstanding beaches. Valencia is so modern that it diverted its flood-prone river to the outskirts of the city for farmland and retained the old riverbed and built a winding park about its course. We will visit the Oceanographic, an oceanarium, habited by species of different marine habitats. Allow this darling city to surprise you and you will leave with smiling hearts!



MyPeople, Rise and Shine! It’s time to head towards Barcelona. We will head out to Montjuic located on a hilltop from where you can get the most gorgeous view of the city. We will stop and see the amazing 1992 Olympic Games Complex and thereafter move onwards to the eagerly awaited grand masterpiece of the world, the Sagrada Familia Cathedral, a creation of Architect Anton Gaudi! After viewing the grand Cathedral, we will take you, MyPeople, to an old historic place called the Gothic Quarter, where we can have a stroll to experience the beautiful city.

During relaxed hours, MyPeople, feel free to explore Barcelona’s shopping areas, street markets and also the high end stores at Placa de Catalunya. We would recommend you to go on to the vibrant La Rambla, which is often filled with street artists and souvenir stalls. You can stroll in the gardens of UNESCO Heritage Parc Gueil or even hop into a quaint restaurant to try out Spain’s famous dish, the paella.

As the temperature is hot in this city, you can cool off during your free time at the beachfront!

Unwind in the evening using your TimeOut: The Flamenco dance + dinner, this option would take you to the glorious and romantic times of the Spanish conquistadors. We will tell you about the hotspots of the city and the lively clubs of Port Olympico.



MyPeople, it’s the final day! We depart from Barcelona and bid goodbye to all the beautiful times we’ve shared and the wonderful friends we made. If you’d like to extend your stay in Barcelona or Madrid, please let us know and we will arrange this for you!

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