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Best of Greece – 7 nights / 8 days



Greece, Undoubtedly The Cradle of Human Civilization. It is hard to overstate the Debt the World owes to the Ancient Greeks who introduced Democracy, Philosophy, Physics, Mathematics, and Theatrical Epics of Iliad and Odessey written by Homer 8 BC.

Come to the Home of ‘Sikander The Great’: Emperor Alexander, The Conqueror who in 323 BC established his Unchallenged Macedonian Greek Empire, defeating King Darius of Persia, ranging from modern day Albania to Eastern India: who achieved this feat before he mysteriously died at the age of 32!

This rich, unequalled legacy is never far away during your fascinating tour of Greece. Positioned at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa, Greece has one of the longest coastlines in the world, with anything up to 6,000 islands. Eighty percent of the country is mountainous, its fertile fields producing vast amounts of figs, rice, olives and tomatoes – all wonderfully reflected in its legendary cuisine 🙂

MyPeople, Athens is jaw-dropping! Marvel at the Acropolis and the Parthenon. Find yourself at the centre of the world in Delphi’s Temple of Apollo and also see where the modern Olympic torch is still kindled from the sun’s rays in its original birthplace of Olympia.

Sail onboard an All Inclusive Luxury 10 Deck Cruise Liner on a Six Island Cruise which takes you to the Islands of Mykonos, Kusadasi (Turkey), Patmos, Rhodes, Crete and Santorini: dream away and relax as you sail through endless miles of turquoise waters and explore more of this magnificent country : unwind and soak in some beautiful sunrises and sunsets, as you get your original Greek Suntan whilst you dance away to Zorba the Greek, and allow to be treated to generous helpings of Mousaka, Uzo, Feta, Olives and Tender Loving Care from MyPeople: Ώπα MyPeople.




MyPeople, welcome to Athens, the city that transcends the boundaries of past and present, and takes us to a fascinating world of history. You will be taken to the hotel from the airport to freshen up and get some rest before leaving to explore incredible Athens.

Today, we take a walking tour of the city. And what better way to start this beautiful journey than visiting the Acropolis. The Acropolis is the crowning glory of Athens: fittingly known as one of the ‘Wonders of the Ancient World’, and judging by the sheer radiance it exudes just by its presence, this title is no surprise MyPeople. Immerse yourselves into the beauty of this architectural wonder that lies lined with beautiful monuments, Parthenon, being one of the most important of them. While Parthenon a glorious remnant of the bygone era, was not a monument without a purpose. Built around 438 BC it housed the great statue of Athena commissioned by Pericles and also served the new treasury. Next, we visit other monuments there such as the Kerameikos, Erechtheion, Theatre of Dionysus, and the Filopappos Hill.

We now break for lunch and sample some of the most delectable local cuisines in Greece sprinkled with generous amounts of olives and feta. Greece is the best place to purchase good quality olive oil and feta cheese because these two ingredients are found in almost all Greek cuisine. Try the Greek Salad and fresh fish whilst you are in the country.

After a delicious lunch, we visit the magnificent Acropolis Museum, a state-of-the-art building designed by Swiss-born architect Bernard Tschumi. It showcases Ancient Greek houses, art, and artifacts, and gives us a glimpse into the life of Ancient Greeks.

We next stroll through the ancient streets of Plaka, an old historical neighborhood in Athens, situated on the Northern and Eastern slopes of the Acropolis. This area dates from when Athens had shrunk to no more than a village below the Acropolis by the end of the 18th century. A charming evening amongst neoclassical mansions, twisting cobbled streets, and homely tavernas.

After this fascinating tour of the city, we return to our hotel for dinner.

After a hearty breakfast, we leave for the beautiful Cape Sounion located 69 kilometers south-southeast of Athens. This place is known for the Temple of Poseidon that stands on its craggy spur. Built in 444 BC using local marbles, this architectural wonder looks gleaming white when viewed from the sea and is quite a visual delight. MyPeople, we will visit it early in the morning before it gets too packed with tourists so that we have ample time to enjoy its ethereal beauty.

Enjoy the temple of Poseidon, try some more local cuisines at the Greek Tavernas and try a relaxing swim in the Azure Waters of the Mediterranean Sea. On our way back to Athens we will stop at Vouliagmeni lake to capture a postcard perfect picturesque sunset.

After an early breakfast, we will leave for our day excursion to Delphi, a town on Mount Parnassus in the south of mainland Greece. Being the home of Apollo, it is no wonder that this site is one of the most popular archaeological tourist spots in Greece. Delphi is known as the center of worship for the God Apollo, son of Zeus who embodied moral discipline and spiritual clarity. It has two sanctuaries dedicated to Apollo and Athena and was a site of great spiritual importance in the ancient era. After spending time at this beautiful site, we will leave for our hotel back into Athens this evening.

Today is the day when you embark on a wonderful journey on the Mediterranean Sea: to explore a few Greek Islands. This sojourn will remain etched in your memory forever. After breakfast, we drive to the port of Athens and board a Luxury 10 deck Cruise Liner. This is a never-before and once in a lifetime experience for you MyPeople. It is a combination of the best of Greek Island Excursions coupled with Five Star Luxury onboard your Cruise Liner with an all Meals with Drinks and Entertainment Package on offer just for you!

Today we sail away to the breathtaking Cycadylic Island of Mykonos. Known for its sun-kissed beaches, picturesque setting with its famous 16th Century Windmills, and gorgeous people, Mykonos is the place where the party never ends! MyPeople let your hair down and party away until the wee hours.

Binge away on a sumptuous dinner in the Grand Dining Room with multiple cuisine Buffets, and continue the party with the free Entertainment on Board your Cruise.

After a delicious breakfast, we touch the shores of a Turkish Delight called Kusadasi. Yes MyPeople, we know that Turkey is synonymous to Exotic in your mind, and Kusadasi, founded in 3000 BC carries this tag flamboyantly and with a modern panache. We visit the Kusadasi Castle here and soak the sun at some of the hottest (figuratively) beaches in town! You will also have a chance to explore House of Virgin Mary and Ancient Ephesus or shop away for some exotic tapestries or carpets.

Next on your Cruise List is what we call ‘one of the most idyllic places on the face of this earth’- the laidback and hauntingly beautiful island of Patmos. Known as the ‘Jerusalem of the Aegean’, it houses the massive medieval Monastery of St. John and The Grotto of the Apocalypse: both important religious and architectural sights. We will also be going to the Sculpted Mountaintop Village of Chora lined with traditional white houses, a wonderous sight to behold and cherish for the days to come.

Return to your Cruise for scrumptious Dinner and some Dancing: Greek style to the rhythm of ‘Zorba the Greek’.

MyPeople, welcome to Rhodes : the largest Dodecanese island and a place dense with archaeological sites, fascinating museums, lively beaches, lush green parks, religious areas, and fascinating cafes and restaurants. The city is so fascinating that it will be hard for you to turn back to your Cruise Ship. And if you do manage to resist the old world charms of the city, you will find yourself dazzled by the beauty of the Acropolis of Rhodes and Acropolis of Lindos, Rodini Park, the beach at the Kallithea Springs, the village of Embonas, the Rhodes Aquarium, the Valley of the Butterflies…phew it’s a lot : enough to keep you up and about all day long!

Today evening why not try your hand at Poker or Black Jack after Dinner onboard your Cruise at Casino Royal. Or just relax on the Deck to soak in the beauty of the Azure Blue Sea or take a dip into one of the on Board Swimming Pools as you sail onwards sipping on some Exotic drink concoction or Uzo.

MyPeople today lets go to the birthplace of the Minoan Civilization and the vibrant capital of Crete (Heraklion) This city gave the world some of the most significant artists and writers including El Greco, and the Nobel Prize-winning poet Odysseus Elytis. You will see some of the most impressive sights here today, including the Loggia, St. Mark’s Basilica and the Cathedral of Crete

Next on the list we are sailing away to the fairytale town of Santorini, and we are sure that it needs no introduction. Often referred to as the Jewel in the Crown of Greece, Santorini remains one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Santorini is just like a city from your dreams: bright white buildings adorned with blue shutters embellishing the rolling slopes of the hills. You will get a chance to go to the famous Oia Village perched on the Caldera Rim to experience the regal beauty of this place, explore its ancient caves and be a part of the celebration called life!

Tonight on Board if you are lucky you will be selected at random to wine and dine at the Captain’s table for your last Cruise night on board this fabulous Cruise. Be prepared with some formal clothes and dancing shoes for the Captain’s Dinner Celebration tonight!

MyPeople, today morning with your mind as fresh as a Greek Fiddler and bodies rejuvenated like Zeus and Athena we sail back to Athens. We will transfer you to Athens Airport on your homeward journey with a zillion friendships and truck loads of memories to last you a lifetime, we bid you Αντιοσας (Goodbye : Antio Sas)

Your package is inclusive of All Meals and All Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic Drinks: Cruise Liner is a 10 Deck Luxury Cruise with all amenities on board – including 2 Swimming Pools – so if you do not wish to go on an island excursion: stay put on the board and relax! Please carry 1 formal pair of clothes if you so desire : on the last night the Cruise hosts a Captain’s Dinner for all on board : and you may be selected at random to wine and dine at the Captain’s Table and the Cruise Crew will put up some small Entertainment for all on board : MyPeople always have made it to that Special Table but anyway you all will have a Reserved Table for the Last Night and may be on a table next to the Captain’s Table !

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