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We are in the Capital of Spain, Madrid. An exciting and bustling metropolis, filled with passion, and music will come alive as you enter the streets and feel a spring in your step. You have the world’s greatest art collections, including many works by the famous master, Goya and Dali in the Prado museum, or see arguably Picasso’s best work, Guernica, in the Reina Sofia museum nearby. Make sure you take time to just simply sit and watch the world go by from the tranquility of a pavement café in the Plaza Mayor, Madrid’s most beautiful square. During the evening, Spain really comes to life and nowhere more so than in Madrid. Lively as can be, the main squares are full of street entertainers and musicians; you might even catch a spontaneous performance of Flamenco.



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Welcome to Madrid MyPeople! Freshen up and be ready for a city tour of the Capital of Spain! We will visit the Plaza Mayor square, one of the popular squares in Spain. We will then go by the Paseo del Arte route, which is dotted with museums and palaces and beautiful gardens.

Let’s make the most of this day and head straight to the Bull Ring, Las Ventas, built of red brick and ceramic tiles, this bull ring was one of the largest arenas in the world. Many bullfighters have triumphed and failed here. We will visit the in house bull-fighting museum and you’ll get a glimpse of the event from a bullfighter’s perspective.

We will then head to the aristocratic centre, where the Royal Palace is located. We will visit one of the most impressive palaces in Europe and with over two thousand luxurious rooms; the entrance is from the large Plaza de la Armeria. The décor inside the palace keeps evolving, according to the assigned artistic style of the present.

Afterwards we will see the legendary, Real Madrid Football Stadium, Santiago Bernabeu. The history dates back to 1947, when Real Madrid beat the Portuguese team. The original capacity of around 75,000 cheers increased to 125,000 in 1950s, but today it has reduced to 90,000 as the years progressed.

During your free time this evening unwind at the Peurta del Sol, the 0 Km Spot and the Centre of Spain and revel in its lively nightlife and make great memories!


Good Morning MyPeople! Holy Toledeo!!!! The 16th Century Capital of Spain before King Philip II the builder of the Spanish Armada moved it to Madrid. Toledo is a beautiful city standing out against the often luminously blue Castilian sky rising from the plain and circled by a steep ravine filled by the turbulent waters of the river. It has been at the crossroads of Jewish, Christian and Moorish cultures and has had a long and violent past. Enjoy our day excursion to this spectacular city which is rich in history most well-known for its majestic Alcazar Palace perching on the top of the hill, its fantastic cathedral, richly adorned with treasures plundered from the New World, and its wealth of other buildings. Indeed El Greco lived here and you can visit his house where some of his paintings are displayed.

The most lethal weapons from 500 BC Roman times are from Toledo – Swords from the old times used for Gladiators and recent time great Heroes like Zorro and El Cid were invented and manufactured here. You have the unique opportunity to visit a sword making factory in Toledo today.

We leave Toledo late afternoon and return to Madrid. During your free time feel free to stroll around one of the famous parks of Madrid the Retiro Park or head out to see the one and only original Egyptian Temple of Debod.

Enjoy your evening around Plaza Mayor or Peurta del Sol. Unwind in the evening and catch a Flamenco Dance and Dinner show, which would take you to the glorious and romantic times of the Spanish conquistadors.

Escape the metropolitan bustle of Madrid this morning and head towards the provincial charm of Pedraza and Segovia. Stroll the quaint cobbled streets of Pedraza and admire the ancient medieval architecture of the walled village. Savor the robust flavor of local wine and tapas and relax for a while taking in the sunshine and local life style.

Late afternoon we move onwards towards Segovia, home to perfectly preserved monuments like the Segovia Cathedral, the Alcázar of Segovia and the Roman Aqueduct, the largest and most well preserved Roman monument in all of Spain. See the palace that inspired Disney’s ‘Cinderella’ before returning to Madrid for your last evening in spectacular Spain!

Homeward bound! MyPeople, it’s the final day! We depart from Spain and bid goodbye to all the beautiful times we’ve shared and the wonderful friends we made, Hasta La Vista MyPeople!

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