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Paris is the Queen of the European Cities! This magnificent city offers you the best of royal and historical significance and is a precious jewel that symbolize victory, triumph, glory, power and immortality. In Paris we will experience the glorious architecture and the romance of the past with the most gorgeous palaces that reflect the immortality of the reign of the great Kings and Queens. All this is topped with an icing – Disneyland for a Day! Come! Join us and create memories with new friends on this tour!


Visit Gustave Eiffel’s creation – The Eiffel Tower

Drive on the Champs-Élysées boulevard

See the classic Arc de Triomphe and other monuments on city tour

Day visit at the Disneyland theme park
Explore and visit the world-famous Louvre Museum

Visit Versailles Palace Gardens

Seine River cruise


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Arrive in Paris

MyPeople, Paris is a beautiful city and the capital for fashion, art and culture. Arrive and freshen up at your Hotel. We then set out towards the beautiful city. Feel the magic in the air as we drive on the Champs-Élysées boulevard and see the classic Arc de Triomphe, and take in the stunning views of the city as we spot the famous Palaces like Grand Palais, Petit Palace, The Louvre Palace and Museum, Palais Bourbon and many more! We will pass by and stop at the historic Concord Square and also certainly make time to shop for souvenirs on the Left Bank.

MyPeople, we will then visit Gustave Eiffel’s creation – The Eiffel Tower that stands tall in Paris. We will take the elevator to the third level and learn about the brilliance of its architecture and engineering as we observe it up close.

Do try out the famous macaroon biscuits and relax with a cuppa coffee in one of the cafes on the river Sienne. The night will come alive in Paris as MyPeople you can experience a Magical Evening in Paris tour with a relaxed cruise on River Sienne. Paris is known as ‘The City of Lights’ and we will make you experience the splendour of the world-famous monuments illuminated in Paris.

Disneyland Paris

MyPeople, welcome to Disneyland! If you’ve always dreamed of meeting Snow White or Mickey Mouse, this is where your childhood dreams will come alive. We will spend an entire day visiting its attractions like the Space Mountain, the Pirates of the Caribbean and the Disneyland Castle. The Theme Park was opened in 1992 and became the most visited destination in Europe. There are over 52 attractions that will take your breath away and make you never want to leave! There are plenty of eating options as Disneyland has more than 70 restaurants and bars. Don’t forget to join in the Disney Parade where all the cartoon heroes like Mickey, Minnie and other friends walk and greet the visitors!


MyPeople, today we will explore the world-famous Louvre Museum, one of the largest and famous museums. The Louvre originally used to be an Old Palace which housed the private collection of King Francis I. It was after the French Revolution, the royal collection became public. Today, the Museum has many famous works of art including Mona Lisa, Venus de Milo and many more. There is a recent addition to the architectural landscape of the Louvre and that is the Louvre Pyramid. It is today the main entrance to the Museum and with its intelligent contrast of modern glass-based erection to the classical building, it reflects the grandeur of the French.

Later in the day, we are headed towards one of the best Palaces in France! Welcome to Versailles! Let’s go and saunter in the 85 acre palatial gardens and see Marie Antoinette’s House. Known to have been designed for the absolute monarch, King Louis XIV, it is an excellent reflection of the baroque style and has the grandest fountains and landscaped gardens ever made. Make sure you make time for these beautiful and exquisite gardens, they are well worth the experience.

Head back to the city towards evening and enjoy your free time on Champs Elysees Boulevard or shop for French Perfumes or souvenirs to take back home.

Later in the night after your meal pump up your energy! Whilst in Paris you must use every ounce of time you have! See the world-famous French Cabaret show with mesmerising CanCan Dances performed by hundreds of dancers inside the Lido Theatre! In the wee hours of the night we will head back to our Hotel and rest for the night.


Today we will transfer you back to Paris airport or train station. Au Revoir MyPeople!

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