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Hola Amigos: My People welcomes you to a Spectacular Spanish Sojourn. Be ready to check out this diverse country, with architectural legacies left behind by the ancient Romans, Moors and of course Anton Gaudi and Santiago Calatrava! Stay with us at some of the best beach town’s resorts, or in tiny medieval villages with sun-kissed country-side scenery dotted with orange and olive groves. Relax and unwind on a balmy beach with a short siesta, a glass or two of Sangria and enjoy a plethora of tapas, paella and gazpacho. Put on your dancing shoes and be ready to be mesmerized by the beats of Gypsy Flamenco Dances. Learn about this dynamic country’ colonization past, ranging from its notorious Pirates and Kings to Religious Inquisitions and Christopher Columbus. Viva Epsaña!!!



Day 1. Malaga

My People, welcome to the beginning of an amazing tour in beautiful Spain! Enjoy a free day in Malaga where you can book with us and go exploring. Experience the sites of the city with the City Tour of Malaga where you can choose and book your Time Out 24-hour bus ticket and explore as much or as little as you want. With 14 stops of places to go visits include the Jardin Botánico’s where you will see stunning exotic flowers and ancient roman statues. Stroll along the harbour and visit the Paseo do Parque where you can relax in the shade of the palm trees while enjoying the sculptures and fountains. See the amazing 10th Century Castillo de Gibralfaro, this castle has fantastic views including the La Malagueta bullring!

Book a Time Out ticket for the breath taking Nerja Caves with us and be astounded by the world’s largest stalagmites and caves that stretch nearly five kilometres long! Or a Time Out ticket for Balcon de Europe a fortress originally built to keep out British pirates now holds views you’ll always remember. Go walking around the shops and enjoy an ice cream at one of the ice cream parlours and remember to get your photo taken with the famous life size statue of King Alfonso Xll King of Spain who reigned famously from 1857-85.

Book Time Out Morocco with us and cross over the gateway from Europe to Africa and visit the delights of Tangier! With a sensory explosion of sites, smells, tastes and sounds you’ll thank yourself for experiencing the unique cultural influences of Tangier. Explore the unique mix of cultural rule through the centuries in Tangier you’ll see influences from the Greeks, Romans, Europeans, Americans and Moroccans!

Alternatively you can sit back, relax and stay on a beach resort in the Costa del Sol









So My People we set off for our trip through countryside dotted with orange trees we will head to the most joyous town of Spain, the lovely Seville. Known for their wits, the locals exuberate great vitality. We will visit the La Giralda, the towering Almohad minaret, one of the three remaining in the world! Then we also see the Royal Alcazares of Seville, a fortress which was an old European royal palace, and now the official residence of the Spanish royal family, this is a must visit: of course no visit to Seville is complete without visiting the Tomb of Christopher Colombus!

Then we will make our way to Basilica Macarena, the home of Seville’s revered Virgin, a magnificent statue that wears a gold crown, a brilliant altarpiece. MyPeople, since we are in Spain, our trip would be incomplete if we didn’t visit the famous Real Maestranza Bullring, one of the oldest in the world. A popular sport, it is a building with an impressive baroque façade, and you will hear acoustics wherever you sit in the arena. We will then take a boat ride along the scenic Guadalquivir River and savour some beautiful views of the city

We will then depart the beautiful city of Seville for Malaga. We will reach Malaga and stay the night in the delightful beach town



Be ready for an amazing day My People where we’ll be exploring the one of Spain’s places steeped in history. We’ll start at the Centro Flamenco Fosforito where we’ll see one the best Flamenco museums in Andalucía. The history of Spanish iconic dance is demonstrated through its song, dance, guitar and percussion. Test your skill at beating out the rhythm of different songs!

We’ll visit the wonderful Mosque Cathedral made a world heritage site you’ll be truly amazed at its outstanding beauty and history. Not far from the Mosque Cathedral we’ll stroll along the charming streets of the heart of the Jewish Quarter. Wander through the narrow streets and experience the sights and smells of this quaint city with balconies draped in flowers, and wrought iron grilled windows everywhere as you head towards the small square to see a great view of the bell tower of the cathedral

We’ll then go over the Guadalquivir river on a 1st Century Roman bridge to the Calahorra Tower built in the 12th century we’ll take in the panoramic views and look around the museum where we’ll find some of Cordovans historic artefacts, preserves and documents highlighting the peaceful coexistence of Christians, Jews and Muslims over the centuries. We’ll then return to Malaga for a relaxed evening where you can book a Time Out Tapas Tour with Flamenco Show!



We head off for a day trip to Granada to explore the beautiful scenery. Granada has four rivers, the Beiro, Darroa, Genil and Monachil surrounding it and it sits at the foot of the stunning Sierra Nevada Mountains! Here we’ll go to visit the Alhambra’s Palace with a view of the mountains: it’s one not to be missed! Built overlooking the city around 889 AD as a fortress it has continued to be built upon over the centuries. We’ll walk around the fountains, ponds and waterways while taking in the amazing skills of the Muslim stonemasons with their breath-taking designs and stonework. From here we’ll set off for the heart of Granada and visit the Royal Chapel of Granada where in 1504 Catholic Monarchs ordered it as a place for their burial. We’ll also wonder through the old fish market and the church of Sagrario. We’ll go onto enjoy and explore Grenadian life through the charming restaurants, shops and bars

MyPeople! We leave for the Capital of Spain, Madrid. An exciting and bustling metropolis, filled with passion and music will come alive as you enter the streets and feel a spring in your step. We will visit the Plaza Mayor Square, one of the popular squares in Spain. We will then go by the Paseo del Arte route, which is dotted with museums and palaces and beautiful gardens. We will see some of the wonderful contemporary Spanish Art and visit one of the famous parks like the Retiro Park. We will then experience the passion for life in the charming bars and taverns and the street life of Madrid

We are in Madrid, MyPeople! Let’s make the most of this day and head to the Bull Ring, Las Ventas, built of red brick and ceramic tiles, this bull ring was one of the largest arenas in the world. Many bullfighters have triumphed and failed here. We will visit the in house bull-fighting museum and if you are lucky, you will get a glimpse of the event from a bullfighter’s perspective. We will then head to the aristocratic centre, where the Royal Palace is located. Lets visit one of the most impressive palaces in Europe and with over two thousand luxurious rooms; the entrance is from the large Plaza de la Armeria. The décor inside the palace keeps evolving, according to the assigned artistic style of the present. We will then head to the legendary, Real Madrid Football Stadium, Santiago Bernabeu. The history dates back to 1947, when Real Madrid beat the Portuguese team. The original capacity of around 75,000 cheers increased to 125,000 in 1950s, but today it has reduced to 90,000 as the years progressed. We will unwind in the city and revel in its lively nightlife and make great memories!

Do use our Time Out and celebrate Madrid by night



Welcome to one of the liveliest cities in the world, MyPeople! Valencia is Spain’s third largest city known for its cultural, eating and nightlife scenes. We will take a city tour with a local guide and visit the beautiful city and its outstanding beaches. Valencia is so modern that it diverted its flood-prone river to the outskirts of the city for farmland and retained the old riverbed and built a winding park about its course. We will visit the Oceanographic, an oceanarium, habited by species of different marine habitats

Enjoy lovely sangria on the beach with our time out booking



MyPeople, Rise and Shine! It’s time to head towards Barcelona. Towards noon we reach Barcelona and head out to Montjuic located on a hilltop from where you can get the most gorgeous view of the city. We will stop and see the amazing 1992 Olympic Games Complex and thereafter move onwards to the eagerly awaited grand masterpiece of the world, the Sagrada Familia Cathedral, a creation of Architect Anton Gaudi! After viewing the grand church, we will take you, MyPeople, to an old historic place called the Gothic Quarter, where we can have a stroll to experience the beautiful city

Unwind in the evening and choose your TimeOut today to experience the Flamenco Dance and Local Dinner, as this option would take you to the glorious and romantic times of the Spanish Conquistadors on La Rambla Streets and Squares filled with fun and excitement. We will tell you about the hotspots of the city and the lively clubs of Port Olympico









During relaxed hours, MyPeople, feel free to explore Barcelona’s shopping areas, street markets and also the high-end stores at Placa de Catalunya. We would recommend you to go on to the vibrant La Rambla, which is filled with street artists and souvenir stalls. You can stroll in the gardens of UNESCO Heritage Parc Gueil or even hop into a quaint restaurant to try out Spain’s famous dish, the paella

As the temperature is hot in this city, you can cool off during your free time at the beachfront before we say farewell and head home

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