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All of Europe – 24 Days



I am delighted to take you on a journey to France, Switzerland, Spain, Monaco, Italy, Vatican City, Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Netherlands and Belgium on this amazing 24 day journey across Europe.




MyPeople, today we are going to explore the best that Europe has to offer. We will help you getting oriented to the lifestyle that you will experience in Europe for the next 24 days. We commence our journey past the White Cliffs of Dover in England and board our ferry across the English Channel to Europe. As we travel through France we will experience the battlefields of the First World War in the Valley of Somme. The night will come alive in Paris as MyPeople you can have your TimeOut Magical Evening in Paris tour with a relaxed cruise on River Seine. Paris is known as ‘The City of Lights’ and we will make you experience the splendour of the world-famous monuments illuminated in Paris.



MyPeople, Paris is a beautiful city and the capital for fashion, art and culture. We will drive on the Champs-Élysées boulevard and see the classic Arc de Triomphe. We will also drive past famous cafeterias and museums and stroll through the streets, visiting many historical places on the way. Surely we will make time to shop for souvenirs on the Left Bank. MyPeople, during your free time you can explore the world-famous Louvre Museum to see the mysterious painting of Mona Lisa or step into the 852 years old Gothic Cathedral of Notre Dame. Do try out the famous macaroon biscuits and relax with a cuppa coffee in one of the cafes on the river Seine. Later in the night make use of your TimeOut to see the world-famous French Cabaret show with mesmerising CanCan Dances performed by hundreds of dancers inside the Lido Theatre!





This is the time to connect with your friends on the coach, MyPeople! Isn’t it amazing to discover a journey with laughter and stories as the coach runs through the beautiful landscapes of the vineyards in Burgundy and Chablis? We will be stopping at the pleasant and gorgeous town of Lucerne, so get your cameras ready, it’s selfie time!

This is one of the most gorgeous Swiss cities. It has beautiful wooden bridges, candy coloured homes and stunning waterfronts. I’m very sure that MyPeople would love to shop for original Swiss watches,chocolates and souvenirs here! You definitely can choose your TimeOut to try the traditional Swiss fondue at a typical Swiss Inn.


Authentic Swiss Fondue Lunch – Euros 35

MyPeople! We are on our way to a city with beautiful landscapes in France. Onwards to Lyon! Just relax and breathe in the fresh clean air of the Alpine mountains and soak in the stunning scenery of Switzerland. As our coach passes the beautiful Lake Geneva into France, you will disembark into the old town and discover what the beautiful city has to offer.

As we head southwards through the winding Pyrenees mountains, we experience nature’s brilliant artistic landscape. MyPeople! We are on our way now to Barcelona!

Barcelona is the cosmopolitan capital of Spain which has exciting art, architecture, delicious food and a very vibrant city life. MyPeople, you will explore Barcelona’s squares where hundreds of people meet their friends and enjoy sangrias and indulge in Spanish bite-sized snacks called ‘tapas’. Make the most of these moments and celebrate the night with your new friends, with love and laughter!

We are in Barcelona, MyPeople! We will first head out to Montjuic located on a hilltop from where you can get the most gorgeous view of the city. We will stop and see the amazing 1992 Olympic Games Complex and thereafter move onwards to the eagerly awaited grand masterpiece of the world, the Sagrada Familia Cathedral, a creation of Architect Anton Gaudi! After viewing the grand church, we will take you, MyPeople, to an old historic place called the Gothic Quarter, where we can have a stroll to experience the beautiful city.

During relaxed hours, MyPeople, feel free to explore Barcelona’s shopping areas, street markets and also the high end stores at Placa de Catalunya. We would recommend you to go on to the vibrant La Rambla, which is often filled with street artists and souvenir stalls. You can stroll in the gardens of UNESCO Heritage Parc Gueil or even hop into a quaint restaurant to try out Spain’s famous dish, the paella.

As the temperature is hot in this city, you can choose to cool off during your free time at the beachfront!

Unwind in the evening using your TimeOut: The Flamenco dance +dinner, this option would take you to the glorious and romantic times of the Spanish conquistadors. We will tell you about the hotspots of the city and the lively clubs of Port Olympico.







MyPeople, relax, sit back and prepare to be blown away by the most irresistible region of France, Provence. This is where you will see numerous fields of lavender flowers and unforgettable sunsets. From Provence we head to the glamorous Côte d’Azur and follow its coastline of sparkling blue waters and silver beaches. As we pass by natural harbours of the famous city of Cannes, we will revel in the most extraordinary serenity in the city of Nice.

During relaxed hours, enjoy the luxurious old world charm of the French Riviera by hanging out at one of it’s gorgeous beaches. Take the stairs or the elevator to the top of La Tour Bellanda to get a panoramic view of Nice. MyPeople, we highly recommend that you visit the Riviera’s amazing street markets where you can find beautiful flowers, handmade soaps, and local spices.

Explore the quaint outdoor cafés which are colourful and vibrant and perfect for people watching!

Sometime during the day we will head towards Èze to experience the art of perfume making at the world famous Fragonaud Perfumery.

In the evening,MyPeople, we will get to experience the lifestyle of the ultra-rich and famous people in the Principality of Monaco, the independent microstate on France’s coastline. Monaco, known for its famous Casino of Monte Carlo, private yacht-lined coastline, Formula 1 Circuit and of course Princess of Monaco and former Hollywood actress Grace Kelly! Enjoy the glamorous atmosphere of Monaco, MyPeople! You will have a chance to see the Royal Palace and also get a sneak-peak into the story of the Royal Family of Monaco. There will also be a fun opportunity to try and get lucky at one of the famous casinos later in the night!

Onwards to Italy! MyPeople, you are now going back in time to a minimum of 2016 years and a maximum of 2300 years Before Christ. A country which is termed as ‘Treasury of the World’ features soul-stirring art, coveted landscapes, delectable food and memorable Renaissance treasures like Michelangelo’s Pieta and David. Be ready to be surprised around every corner MyPeople! On our way, we will stop by the Leaning Tower of Pisa and take many photographic memories with us. This used to be the home of none other than Galileo Galilei!

We arrive into Florence where the Duomo Cathedral will greet us with all its glory. MyPeople, it is a treat to see the beautiful frescoes, the priceless sculptures and the buzzing markets. Tonight MyPeople, we will have a choice to try the world famous Italian cuisine – a dinner in the midst of Tuscany at a lively Italian restaurant with lots of music and of course singing!





MyPeople, as we are in the “Cradle of the Renaissance”,our day will begin with a walking tour of Florence. We will go around the Piazza DellaSignoria–a free open air museum–to discover and explore the world-class works of art and sculptures by the unmatched Renaissance Masters like Michelangelo, Cellini and Giambologna to name a few. We will see the Old Palace of the powerful Medici rulers and the Ponte Vechio too. If we have time, we would like to walk you to the 12th Century Basilica of Santa Croce which is the final resting place of Michelangelo and Galileo Galilei, amongst many others!

I’m sure you will admire the leather craft of Italy, MyPeople. We will help you understand the region’s traditional leather making technique through a demonstration that will impress you.

MyPeople, Florence is magnetic, romantic and busy. Did you know Michelangelo, Dante Alighieri, Gucci and Roberto Cavalli were born here? This is also an amazing place for bargains and this is why you get great finds in the markets. MyPeople, if you scream for ice-cream, we will bring you to it – a treat from us! Enjoy the typical Italian gelato while we revel in the lovely city.

After Florence, we will cruise through Tuscany’s beautiful hillside and bid adieu to the lovely landscape and reach Rome.

As you surround yourself with more legendary works of Michelangelo, Raphael and Bernini, you will find that Rome is a welcoming city to the first time visitor. You are now right into the heart of Rome – Caput Mundi – Capital of the World – this is where the action is! Use your TimeOut today and we will show you the Colosseum, Piazza Venezia and much more as we go through this majestic city lit up rustically as it used to be during Roman times. We will see Piazza Navona and the Grand Pantheon which was commissioned in 27 BC.

MyPeople, we surely have to join in the Roman tradition of throwing a coin in the Trevi Fountain and make a wish and then relax on the Spanish steps and mingle with the locals and tourists.



Rise and shine and echo the words of Julius Caesar, MyPeople! Veni Vidi Vici! Which literally translates to, “I came, I saw and I conquered”.We will join our local expert who will take us to Vatican’s grand museums which includes the Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Basilica and conquer the beautiful city of Rome.

Rome is perfect for all kinds of tourists. It always has a busy atmosphere and with its numerous pizzerias, ristorantes and lovely al fresco (outdoor)cafes and bars, what’s not to love? MyPeople, during your relaxed hours, visit the shops if you like: we know where you could get the best bargains.





After a spectacular time in Rome, take a long sigh and take one last look at Rome and leave for another jewel in the crown of Europe. Venice,herewe come! As we cross across the Apennine mountains past Bologna we arrive and spend the evening in the youthful and elegant city of Venice.

Welcome MyPeople! To one of the most romantic cities in the world. This “Floating City” was built on water in nearly 12 BC. It’s pure magic to discover the secret passageways and soak up the gorgeous scenes from your gondola. We will visit the historical ‘Bridge of Sighs’, ‘the Doge’s Palace’ and dance with the pigeons on St. Mark’s square! Did you know that the Venetians were the first to discover how to add colour to glass? We will experience a glass-making demonstration by one of the Glass Maestros of Murano!

Feel free to explore the quaint lanes and discover bustling local markets as you enjoy the charming squares and bridges of St. Mark’s Island. Take pictures of the famous Bridge of Sighs, the gothic arches of the Doge’s Palace or St. Mark’s Basilica and Bell Tower: take home with you memories of a lifetime!

We recommend you to take a serene gondola ride through the most romantic Venetian canals and see how this city was built and the lifestyle of the locals.



MyPeople, we bid goodbye to beautiful Venice and greet another UNESCO World Heritage site – The Mighty Dolomite Mountain Range, totalling 18 peaks. As we journey across the Austrian Border we pass through quaint and scenic mountain villages, through lush green fields and enter the imperial city of Vienna.

We will make our first stop to observe and admire Vienna’s cultural heritage. We recommend you use your TimeOut and experience traditional Viennese dinner alongside a musical concert with locals in full costume performing Mozart and Strauss in a palatial setting.



Welcome to a city packed with imperial history, MyPeople! Vienna is a mix of the old and new today. We begin our historical tour showing you a contrasting contemporary infrastructure and palaces that boast of imperial grandeur. You will see the regal Schönbrunn Palace, Belvedere Palace, the opulent State Opera House, St. Stephen’s Cathedral and walk along the Kärntner Strasse, where you can shop till you drop!

In your relaxed hours, you can wander around and sit in a café and enjoy the view of people passing by or you could pick up a few souvenirs. You could also take the panoramic elevator and see the enthralling views of Vienna from the Sky Bar.

Utilise your free time and get acquainted with Schnaps, take a closer look at the local liqueur production when you visit the Old Vienna Schnapps Museum.



On our way to Munich, we will stop at one of the Nazi concentration camps, the Mauthausen. You will learn about the Jewish Holocaust and the struggle and rescue of Jewish prisoners during the World War II.

We will head towards Munich, the capital of Bavaria. A city known for its grand Oktoberfest, and for its larger than life beer halls.

MyPeople as we begin our walk towards Marienplatz, we will see the famous Glockenspiel – a Gothic clock, complete with 32 dancing figures and 43 chiming bells. That’s not all, we will then head to Hofbrauhausthe, the most famous beer hall and have a stein or two of authentic freshly brewed German beer! In your relaxed hours, enjoy your visit to some of the best known art galleries and museums and revel in the Bavarian heritage.

There’s always time in Munich to spend in wide open parks, beautifully elegant plazas, meandering riverbanks and authentic beer gardens.

MyPeople! Welcome to the Bohemian capital of the world! The capital of Czech Republic, with its colourful baroque buildings and Gothic churches, is indeed one of the most beautiful cities in the world – it is small and cute!

Delve into the heart of Prague with us and pass by the iconic Charles Bridge, Hradčany Castle and Gothic St. Vitus Cathedral.

This UNESCO Heritage City consists of more than a hundred spires! During relaxed hours, you can spot Prague’s Astronomical Clock and stroll through the winding lanes of the famous Jewish Quarter. We recommend that you spend some beautiful moments in its small cafes. Prague is unique for its gemstone and bohemian glass industry. You can pick up some famous bohemian glass,authentic garnet or even ruby jewellery mined around the city!

Use your TimeOut and choose the lunch cruise on the Vltava River, the longest river in the Czech Republic and take in the stunning views.

MyPeople, did you know that Prague was founded during the Roman times and that it flourished in the Gothic and Renaissance eras and also was occupied by the Communists and Nazis during the World Wars? In the evening, Prague comes alive with jazz musicians performing on the river, karaoke clubs and evening entertainment. The nightlife in Prague is enlivening, so enjoy yourselves MyPeople! Hit a lively bar or a club and dance the night away or choose to have a cosy meal with your new friends.



Come on MyPeople, it’s time to head away from the romance of Prague towards the city of Berlin. As we return to Germany, we will pass by the beautifully reconstructed town of Dresden, known as “Florence of the North”, with its celebrated art museums and classic architecture. The town was rebuilt after WW2 and has the famous baroque church Frauenkirche with its artistic dome. Here we can click pictures of the Opera house, the Royal Residence and the Zwinger Palace.

In your relaxed hours, you can visit the Kunsthopassage complex, home of the ingenious turquoise building whose drains were rigged to shape them into musical instruments, so when it rains, it sounds like they play “water music”. Alternately, grab some coffee and a muffin at a stylish hangout or have a hearty Saxon lunch.

MyPeople! We will stop at Berlin and spend two nights in this cultural center, which was divided during the cold war and today is known for its art scene, nightlife and modern architecture. Revel in the nightlife of Berlin and enjoy a sense of freedom strikingly in contrast to its past. Berlin welcomes you with open arms and its progressive spirit of optimism makes it a treat to have visited.



Welcome to one of the grandest cities in the world. Here we will take advice from the local expert who will explain the history of the Berlin Wall and East and West Berlin. We will also visit the controversial Reichstag (German Parliament) and admire its unique architecture and history. We will also visit the famed Checkpoint Charlie, where East Berliners tried to run across to the western side of Germany, and also take a glimpse of the Bradenburg Gate, the symbol of the Cold War.

In your relaxed time, you can visit Old Berlin and admire the exquisite art galleries, cinemas, theatres and enjoy the artistic flair of the city. This is where you will experience Berlin as the creative workshop of Germany and see how art studios emerge from the backyards onto the streets, with art taking over the streets, walls and entire districts. We will point out to you some hidden places and you will surely be surprised how much more there is to the city.

Be a true Berliner and picnic in the park and knock back a few beers. Visit the Tiergarten and enjoy the sprawling path with many romantic corners and grab a bratwurst and walk into the flea market as you sip on some authentic beer.

We recommend you to choose TimeOut: Cold War and Cold Drinks tour with our local expert. The tour indulges in secret world of espionage and takes a look at the Stasi(what was once the deadly East German Secret Police). Berlin has a legendary nightlife which you shouldn’t miss out on, so get your new friends along and enjoy yourselves in best techno clubs in the world.





We are off to breath-taking Amsterdam, MyPeople, so get ready to explore and see a different world. Once we go down the autobahn we pass by Hanover on our way, to arrive in the capital of Netherlands – Amsterdam!

Here we will observe life in the cycle city and take ferry rides or hop into a traditional brownie café and linger and chat with your friends as the candles burn low.

Our TimeOut will give you a glimpse of the famous Red-light district, which is so creative and unique and show you how the streets of Amsterdam come alive be it day or night.





See how the Dutch clogs are made and try some of the famous Dutch Edam at a cheese farm this morning. Back in the city there are plenty of bike rental shops around if you would like to gear up and see the city on your bike!

MyPeople, a canal cruise is recommended as it would take you through the city in a relaxing way. Art admirers, you should definitely go to the Van Gogh Museum and check out some Rembrandts and other Golden Age treasures.

Get cosy in cafes that have good beer on tap. Amsterdam is laced with lovely lanes and quarters and you will stumble upon some quaint gardens, an old monastery or even a local distillery. As you pass by the bobbing houseboats in the canals and enjoy the picturesque view created by the flower seller in the canals, count yourself one of the lucky few who have friends by their side to enjoy this beautiful city.

Enjoy Amsterdam’s multi-ethnic cuisine and try the TimeOut option of eating local cuisine at a local Dutch fishing village of Volendam. Since this is the last night of your tour, you can party with your new found friends and make the most of your time exchanging your “keep in touch” details. Make it an evening to remember!





MyPeople, all good things have a beginning and an end. Alas! Our fantastic journey together through beautiful Europe comes to an end today, and with suitcases full of souvenirs and hearts full of memories, we will transfer you to Schipol Airport, and bid you Au Revoir. You can select alternately to have a transfer to Central London in case you would like to extend your stay.

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